Cold & hot beverages

A variety of choice waiting for you at any time of the year. Hot or cold drinks to choose from.

Cold beverages

Cisowianka Classique /Perlage 0,3 l 2,25/10
Cisowianka Classique /Perlage 0,7 l 4/18
Pepsi /Pepsi max /7up/Tonic 0,2 l 2,25/10
Fentimans ginger beer 0,125 l 3/13
Fever Tree tonic water 0,2 l 3,5/15
Juice: orange, grapefruit, apple 0,2 l 2/9
Lemonade: orange-passion fruit /cucumber-coriander 0,5 l 3/13
Lemonade: orange-passion fruit /cucumber-coriander 1 l 5,25/23
Iced tea: hibiscus-elderflower /rooibos-orange-eucalyptus 
0,5 l 3/13
Iced tea: hibiscus-elderflower /rooibos-orange-eucalyptus 1 l 5,25/23
Orange or grapefruit squeezed juice 0,25 l 3,75/16

Hot beverages

Espresso 2,25/10
Espresso doppio 3/13
Americano 2,25/10
Coffee & milk 3/13
Cappuccino 3/13
Caffé latte 3,5/15
Flat white 3,5/15
Irish Coffee 4,75/19
Althaus loose tea
English breakfast, earl grey, floral green tea, sencha, manila mango, red fruit flash, rooibos sweet orange
Hot chocolate
white or dark

Draught beer

Tap Lager Pracownia Piwa 0,4 l 3,5/15
Tap Lager Pracownia Piwa 0,6 l 4/18

Bottled beer

Trzy Korony €*/zł
Krasa – Weizen 0,33 l 4/18
Sędek – IPA 0,33 l 5/22
Kaduk – Doppelbock 0,33 l 5/22

Estimated price in EUR is quoted according to the exchange rate 1 EUR = 4,40 PLN. Account will be charged in the local currency.

Commonly accepted 10% tip is not included in the price and will be added to your bill.
The tip is voluntary. If you are not satisfied with the service, please do not pay it.

We do not sale alcohol to persons under 18th years old. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is a threat to health.

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Prices valid from 11.04.2019