Creative and innovative ideas of our Chefs applying various techniques and ways of preparing dishes will help you discover the Polish cuisine anew.


Monday-Friday 12.00-15.00

Let’s meet

5 courses menu.....17,65€*/69 zł


Every day 18.00-23.00

Wonderful moments

7 courses menu.....49,75€*/199 zł

Full delight

9 courses menu.....62,25€*/249 zł

Menu à la carte

Monday-Friday 15.00-23.00; Saturday-Sunday 12.00-23.00


Baked beetroot’s mousse with smoked plum / Szafir cheese / pear vinegar     7,75/31
Mackerel fillet / anise puff pastry / turnip salad.     8,5/34
Spelt dumplings stuffed with veal thymus / leeks / veal juice.     7,75/31
Onion strudel / fried foie gras / cider / apple confiture.     10,5/42


Sour rye soup „Przemyski” made on smoked fish /spelt/ smoked trout     6,75/27
Broth of beef tails with lovage / ravioli with beef tail.     7,25/29

Main dishes

Loin of wild boar / bacon / Jerusalem artichokes mousse / sunflower with cocoa.     18,5/74
Slowly cooked rabbit saddle / cabbage / kvass (bread drink) with cranberries.     15,75/63
Duck breast / grilled duck heart / steamed yeast dumplings with poppy seeds and candied orange.     16,25/65
Sturgeon’s f illet /black lentils
/miso broth/ sour red cabbage
Zander /porridge on the dill whey
/burned roasted celery/ horseradish


Jerusalem artichoke mousse with coffee / mascarpone / mount St. Lawrence’s oil.     7,75/31
Mandarin orange / mango / spices.     8,5/34
Pumpkin / pumpkin halva / ice cream based on pumpkin seed oil.     7,25/29

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10% service charge is not included.

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