Creative and innovative ideas of our Chefs applying various techniques and ways of preparing dishes will help you discover the Polish cuisine anew.


Every day 13.00-16.00


Quick lunch 3 courses menu.....11€*/49 zł

Let’s meet

5 courses menu.....16€*/69 zł


Every day from 6 p.m to 9.00 p.m.

Wonderful moments

7 courses menu.....49€*/219 zł

Full delight

9 courses menu..... 59€*/259 zł

Menu à la carte

Every day from 1.00 p.m.


Smoked Baltic salmon /yogurt & dill olive oil emulsion/fennel purée     9/39
Albumina sheep cheese/sous vide rhubarb /flatbread with milk whey/raspberry honey     8/35
Dumplings stuffed with veal sweetbread /pearl onion/green asparagus/sage leaves.     8/35
Fois gras /Polish crumpets with rhubarb/rhubarb purée     10/44


White borscht/dumplings stuffed with black pudding from Podstolice/apple in marjoram olive oil     7/29
Cold cucumber soup/crape with zatorski carp /yogurt foam     6/25

Main dishes

Duck breast /duck heart/crescent roll with red cabbage/grilled lettuce     17/75
Beef roulade with jurajski cheese /snow pea purée/potato dumplings with bear’s garlic/marrow     18/79
Venison tenderloin/dumplings stuffed with mushrooms /pickled cauliflower/sauce made of Suska sechlońska     19/84
Sturgeon/tomato consommé /broad bean purée/marinated green beans/camelina sativa oil     16/69
Zander cheeks/snail caviar /asparagus/quinoa/thyme gel     15/66


Strawberry assiette/candied black olives     7/31
Carrot sorbet /vanilla sauce/financier cake/brown butter with vanilla     6/26
Candy floss/mint ice cream/dark chocolate     6/26

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